SDI is focused on developing and implementing creative, appropriate and cost efficient solutions to the needs of the education sector. At SDI, we generate innovative building and campus planning solutions that address institutional priorities. We define the strategy and the management principles and practices that drive effective space-planning decisions. We translate the vision, curriculum and desired learning outcomes of stakeholders into effective teaching, learning and research environments.

SDI understands that an educated population contributes to a robust national economy, healthier communities, and the well being of individuals. Today’s educators face many challenges to providing a quality education across the lifelong learning continuum. We know teacher professional development systems and needs, and we understand the necessity for better linkages between the educational and workforce development systems.

SDI offers the following services:

Education Planning

  • Needs assessment
  • Institutional strengthening and capacity building
  • Program and staff planning and curriculum development
  • Teacher training
  • Early childhood education
  • Programming for at-risk youth
  • Dropout prevention
  • Access to postsecondary education
  • School-to-work training
  • Rural education

Facilities Planning

  • Space utilization studies
  • Functional space programs and design briefs
  • Campus and facility master plans
  • Fittings, furniture and equipment specifications

Resource and Management Planning

  • Organizational studies
  • Information systems
  • Asset utilization and management
  • Strategic planning