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    Welcome to our website. At SDI, our goal is to support international community’s efforts in improving the quality of life for people in a sustainable and meaningful way. We distinguish ourselves by excellence, quality and professionalism in work we do. Everyday, we collectively make renewed commitment in making a fundamental difference in people’s quality of life by forging partnerships and pushing possibility frontiers. To that end, we aspire to be beacon of hope for tomorrow to be brighter, better and promising than yesterday. With enormous challenges and opportunities lying ahead of Afghanistan, we invite you to be part of our journey in supporting Afghanistan’s sustainable development. Please explore our site for information and how you can make a difference.

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    Past, Present & Future

    SDI, a non-profit and non-political development organization registered with the Government of Afghanistan, is the initiative of educated Afghans and Afghan expats mostly educated in US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Afghanistan noticing a great need for services essential for sustainable development of Afghanistan. SDI is an offshoot of Afghan Cultural Assistance Foundation (ACAF), which was later renamed as Cultural and Relief Foundation for Afghanistan (CRFA), was established in 1986. Since then, SDI has developed and fine tuned a comprehensive strategy that links the stakeholders with the goals of the long-term social and economic goals with focuses on various elements of development. SDI serves as the bridge between Afghans and the international community to bring local change with global expertise.

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    SDI’s mission is to work as a catalyst in bringing sustainability through change, creating enabling environment for the communities across the country to adopt this philosophy and become self-sufficient, and introducing highest standard of governance and efficiency in our work by integrating new technologies to be a creative, reliable and forward-thinking organization. Given SDI team bring a diverse set of skills and experiences to the organization, including professional experience in government and academia, as well as tangible track records of success in project management and stakeholder relations, SDI is passionate about impact and results by collaborating with various actors and working within existing structures and environments in order to rebuild local communities and infrastructures devastated during decades long wars in the country.